"What a great read! I was excited to edit this book because I'm a big advocate for clean eating and exercise. What a difference it makes! Rez Khan’s perspective and the insights he shares truly resonate with me. And I love how he shares his personal story throughout. It makes it feel like he and the reader are in this together.” - Michelle Preisendorf , Senior Editor, Eschler Editing

"This book is a home run; it's the modern-day yin and yang definition for balanced weight loss.

It sheds light on the concepts of societal conditioning and free will, and provides hands-on actionable advice  to form a transformative triangle of success."- Homayoun Sadeghi, MD, author of The Art of Healthy Living

"Pure brilliance - the best book I have read on weight loss" - Daniel Armstrong, freelance writer.

"With so many weight loss books on the market, this one stands out because of its overall simplicity and entertaining writing style. Eating a clean diet and exercising really will change your life. However, mindset is of the up most importance. I loved the way Rez illustrated how the conscious and unconscious YOU's communicate with each other. It makes total sense.  A must read for anyone who is ready to change for the better." - Sharkie Zartman, Olympic Volleyball Player, author of Have Fun Getting Fit

"This book is very easy to read, which I believe is critical for any book. It is neither "dumbed down" or too technical. Perfectly right in the middle. I would hope it gets into teenager's hands( or even younger) because this would hopefully get them on a correct life path. The author has organized his ideas very clearly and it's really written well. I am a physician who has had a solo 15 year nutritional practice a few years back and I would have given this book as an ultimate cogent guide. He alludes to the huge societal component regarding food that ,with its mega-advertising, creates such an influence - a negative one.  I would wholeheartedly recommend to everyone and anyone." - Dr.Johnny Kenley, MD, author of Erasing Worry Rapidly